Silvia Basso, aka Rosa del Grappa, paints with her sensitivity the beauty that surrounds us. 

She was born in Bassano del Grappa in 1976 and grew up surrounded by the golden world of the family goldsmith company. 

She immediately began working in the jewelery sector, taking care of all the technical aspects until she became a designer and enameller. 

By painting the walls of the local kindergarten with other volunteers she became passionate about art. In 2015 she opened her own b&b, decorating the individual rooms with wall paintings depicting local landscapes of Asolo, Marostica, Cittadella and Bassano del Grappa. 

 She later moved on to painting on canvas using acrylic and oil paints, learning from established local masters such as: hyperrealism with the great master painter Luigi Pellanda, nature as a great inspiration with the expert painter teacher Fabio Basso and the world of abstract , in oil with spatula, by the original master painter Yana Kiyko.
The exploration of the various pictorial techniques still continues in an intense way, stimulating the imagination in creating eccentric and always different works that narrate the evolution of life itself. He participated in the "i falsi d'arte" exhibition in Bassano del Grappa.